Rick Chernick

Rick Chernick

President and CEO,
Camera Corner/Connecting Point
Green Bay, WI

Grad Year: 1974
Major: Managerial Systems
Hometown: Green Bay, WI

Chernick connects in downtown Green Bay

For three decades, Rich Chernick has been one of UW-Green Bay’s most prominent and active alumni. He has given back to the community and maintained close ties to his alma mater — in the process earning the Chancellor's Award and the Distinguished Alumni Award — while continuing to grow his family’s business, Camera Corner/Connecting Point, in downtown Green Bay.

The three-generation family business has expanded to gross in excess of $30 million annually and employ more than 100 people. Camera Corner/Connecting Point is the oldest camera/computer store in Northeast Wisconsin. Rick Chernick became president in 1984. Since then, a new location (still downtown), annual technology expos, a state-of-the-art web hosting center, digital photo café and various business and showroom enhancements have kept the business at the high-tech forefront.