Gordon Hempton

Gordon Hempton

‘The Sound Tracker’
Port Angeles, Washington

Grad Year: 1976
Major: Population Dynamics
Hometown: Potomac, MD

‘One of the few acoustic ecologists in the world’

His quest for the pristine solitude of absolute wilderness — where he captures the purest sounds of wildlife and wild places — has taken Gordon Hempton far from his alma mater. At least three times around the globe, in fact.

Known as “The Sound Tracker,” with 60 albums and an Emmy Award to his credit, Hempton and his work were nationally celebrated in the 1990s PBS documentary “Vanishing Dawn Chorus.” A TV crew followed him to the Australian outback and the Brazilian rain forest, places where it is still possible to audiotape earth’s tones without the intrusive hum of civilization, distant roads and airplane overflights. Hempton sells his “portraits of sound” from a website and provides authentic nature tracks to commercial clients including museums, galleries, musicians and media producers.

On UW-Green Bay: “I am one of the few acoustic ecologists in the world. Certainly, UWGB was a major contributor to what I am doing today.”