Bob Pyle

Bob Pyle

President and CEO,
Pioneer Metal Finishing
Green Bay, WI

Grad Year: 1983
Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Green Bay, WI

‘Finishing’ what he started

Pioneer Metal Finishing is a privately held, little-publicized company headquartered in Green Bay. It employs 700 people and reached $55 million in sales last year.

The company takes high-quality products and makes them better by providing a corrosion- and wear-resistant finish. It’s a value-added service that clients such as Boeing, Honeywell, Trek, Master Lock, Callaway and “the big three” — Ford, GM and Chrysler — along with Toyota, demand. Bob Pyle, looking for an “entrepreneurial adventure,” joined Pioneer in the late 1990s as VP of sales and marketing. He took over as president in 2003.

On community ties: “UW-Green Bay is a tremendous source of talent when it comes to employees… Many of the people that I know who have graduated from there are pretty unique people with a strong sense of community.”