Jim Wochinske

Jim Wochinske

Owner and President,
Pomp’s Tire Service Inc.
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Grad Year: 1974
Major: Managerial Systems
Hometown: Green Bay, WI

Wochinske is big name in tire circles

Jim Wochinske and his family took a small downtown business on the road to success.
Jim’s father, the late Roger Wochinske, bought a local tire center and warehouse in 1964 when founder Sparky Pomprowitz passed away. Jim worked his way through high school and UW-Green Bay at Pomp’s. (The Wochinskes never did change the name. “I guess it just fit better on a marquee,” Jim explains.) By 1986 when Jim assumed the helm upon his father’s retirement, the business had a dozen stores and 200 employees.

Under Jim’s direction, Pomp’s is now an industry giant with 1,000 employees, 70 stores and 12 retread shops in eight states across the Upper Midwest. Sales data is confidential, but trade publications put Pomp’s among the largest independent dealers in the United States.