Vascular Plants of Wisconsin

Anemone quinquefolia L.
wood anemone
Family: Ranunculaceae

native: yes
type: herbaceous biennial

plant flower fruit comparison
inflorescence flower fruit comparison

Anemone quinquefolia is a common native spring plant, flowering in and near woods from late April into early June. The showy white sepals are often reddish on the back side and the leaves are also reddish when they first develop in early spring, turning green as they mature. It is sometimes confused with two other spring species, as shown in the upper "comparison" photo. All three are small in stature, about 10 (20) cm tall for Anemone quinquefolia and Thalictrum thalictroides and perhaps to 20 (30) cm for Enemion. Flowers are similar in all three and not of much help in identification.

known distribution based on vouchers


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