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Picea abies (L.) H.Karst.
Norway spruce
Family: Pinaceae
Drooping Branches Norway Twig Norway Leaves Norway Cone
tree tree
(lower branches pruned)
drooping branches twig base of leaves and sterigmata cone

The spruces can be recognized as a genus by the sharp pointed needles, nearly square in cross-section (not strongly flattened) and attached to the twigs by sterigmata. The terminal branches of mature trees of Picea abies often hang down giving them a distinctive appearance which together with the very large cones make this an easily recognized species. Smaller trees without cones may be mistaken for Picea glauca.

Picea abies is native to Eurasia. It is planted in Wisconsin, mostly around homes and it occasionally escapes to adjacent sites. It escapes more frequently than is indicated by the map, but is not a problem species.


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