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Picea glauca (Moench) Voss
white spruce
Family: Pinaceae
White Tree White Branch White Leaves White Cones White Cone Scales
tree branch leaves cones cone scales bark

As is the case for all our species of Picea, the needles of P. glauca are sharp-pointed and stiff. In cross-section they are four-angled and roughly as thick as wide (not conspicuously flattened). The needles and cones of Picea glauca both tend to be a little longer than those of Picea mariana and the twigs are glabrous (smooth), whereas the twigs of Picea mariana are covered by short stiff hairs (look carefully with a hand lens near the branch tips).

Picea glauca is a common tree found primarily in northern Wisconsin. Unlike our other native spruce (Picea mariana), it grows mostly in upland habitats.

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