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Pinus banksiana Lamb.
jack pine
Family: Pinaceae

Pine Tree Pine Branch Pine Leaves Pine Cone Pine Bark
tree branch leaves cone bark

Pinus banksiana is easily recognized by the short, fascicled (paired) leaves and the orientation of the cones which point toward the tip of the branch rather than being reflexed as in P. sylvestris. The needles are 2-5 cm long, averaging shorter than P. sylvestris (4-6 cm), but there is some overlap in length. Pinus sylvestris is basically a cultivated yard tree in Wisconsin, but occasionally escapes near plantings, primarily in residential areas. Pinus banksiana is a native species that is rarely if ever cultivated as a yard species, although in addition to its naturally- occurring populations it has been planted into numerous "plantations" in easily recognized rows in rural areas of northern Wisconsin.

Pinus banksiana is decidedly northern in distribution, the main portion of its range extending from the Northwest Territories and Alberta to Nova Scotia, south to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan,Vermont and Maine. In Wisconsin it is found in dry, sandy, sunny sites throughout the state, but is absent in regions with more productive soils and stable forest canopies. It is associated with fire to which it is well adapted.


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