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Pinus resinosa Aiton
red pine (also Norway pine)
Family: Pinaceae

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Pinus resinosa can be recognized by the long pairs of fascicled needles and the reddish bark forming smooth plates. The needles are usually greater than 10 cm long. Only P. nigra also has such long needles in fascicles of 2, but the bark is darker and tends not to form smooth, reddish plates. Fresh needles of P. resinosa will generally snap cleanly when bent double, but needles of P. nigra do not break cleanly. It takes a bit of practice to learn to apply this technique, but it is very useful for young trees for which the bark is inconclusive. Cones of the two species are similar.

Pinus resinosa is a large native tree of dry habitats. It is a common tree of plantations, but is not often used as a street or yard tree. Pinus nigra is a horticultural species most often planted in yards and does not escape from cultivation. In Wisconsin P. resinosa is found nearly throughout the state, except for a few southeastern counties.



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