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Trees of Wisconsin

Pinus strobus L.
white pine
Family: Pinaceae

White Tree tree trunk trunk branch branch White Branch White Leaves cone male cone bark
tree tree tree trunk branch branch branch leaves cone male cones



Pinus strobus is the only gymnosperm in Wisconsin with needles arranged in fascicles of 5. The elongate cones may reach nearly 20 cm in length and the trees have the potential to exceed one meter in diameter. It was a major timber tree in Wisconsin during settlement of the northern areas and continues to be highly valued for its wood.

Pinus strobus is distributed from southern Ontario and Minnesota to Iowa, east to Pennsylvania and the maritime provinces of Canada, and extending farther south along the Appalachian Mountains. In Wisconsin it has nearly the same distribution as Pinus resinosa--nearly throughout the state except for a few southeastern counties. It is common on dry sandy and rocky sites, but may also be found in more mesic sites, perhaps remaining from colonizations after fire.


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