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Pinus sylvestris L.
Scots pine
("Scotch" Pine is also sometimes used, but may be considered offensive in Scotland)
Family: Pinaceae

Scotch Tree Scotch Branch Scotch Leaves
tree branch with reflexed cone leaves

Pinus sylvestris can be recognized by the short needles in fascicles of 2 and the reflexed cones. The needles are often less than 6 cm long and may be strongly twisted. They tend to be both longer and more bluish in color than P. banksiana.

Pinus sylvestris is Eurasian in origin, widely planted in residential areas in North America and sometimes escaping. It is known outside of cultivation from scattered locations throughout Wisconsin. It does not appear to be a serious pest species and in my experience escapes mostly to disturbed ground near plantings. It is more widely distributed than is indicated by the distribution map based on vouchers.



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