Shrubs of Wisconsin

Gaultheria hispidula (L.) Muhl. ex Bigelow.
Family: Ericaceae
plant leaves leaf undersurface
plant plant leaves leaf undersurface

Gaultheria hispidula is a small, creeping species found most often on the mossy floor of northern swamps. The leaves are very small, often less than one cm long. Compare the leaves to those of Vaccinium macrocarpon and Vaccinium oxycoccos, the only other woody species in wet habitats in Wisconsin with such small leaves (Arctostaphylos uvaursi is usually found in dry habitats;. Vaccinium vitis-idaea is very rare). Gaultheria hsipidula can be distinguished by the presence of dark stiff bristles on the undersides of the leaves and hairy twigs. Both Vaccinium species lack hairs on the lower leaf surface and on the twigs.


known Wisconsin distribution


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