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Acer platanoides L.
Norway maple
Family: Aceraceae
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The leaves of Acer platanoides are roughly similar to Acer saccharum, from which it can be easily distinguished by its milky white sap and purple (or green with purplish tint) buds as compared to the clear sap and medium brown buds of Acer saccharum. The fruits (samaras) of the two species are also very different. Several horticultural varieties of Acer platanoides are planted in Wisconsin, including a broad range of tree shapes and leaf colors. Leaf color can range from dark purple to green.

Acer platanoides is an introduced species, widely planted as a street or yard tree and escaping in the southern half of the state where it may become an invasive species. It is present as an escape in the City of Green Bay where it has become established in low numbers even in forests with intact canopies.

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