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Celtis occidentalis L.
northern hackberry
Family: Ulmaceae
tree leaf flowers fruit bud bark

The simple, alternate leaf of Celtis occidentalis, with three major veins originating at the asymetrical base, is very distinctive within the Wisconsin flora. The conspicuously ridged bark of mature trunks is also characteristic and terminal buds are often strongly angled to one side. The fruit is a reddish drupe (the same form as a cherry, a fleshy fruit with a hard inner layer around the seed).

Celtis occidentalis is mostly associated with moist soils along streams in Wisconsin, north at least to the Peshtigo River in southern Marinette County, but uncommon or absent over the far northern counties. It is also found on thin soils over limestone, including on the Niagara escarpment in Brown and Calumet Counties and probably elsewhere. It is occasionally planted as a street tree.

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