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Cercis canadensis L. var. canadensis
eastern redbud
Family: Caesalpiniaceae
tree leaf flowers fruit trunk

Cercis canadensis is a small tree with simple, alternate and entire leaves. The leaves are dark green above and broadly heart-shaped, often 3-4 inches long and nearly as wide. The bright pink flowers are easily recognized in the style of the pea family (Fabaceae), although it has now been segregated in a separate family, the Caesalpiniaceae. Fruits are elongate, flattened legumes about 5-10 cm long and also easily recognized as of similar design to the pea family.

Cercis canadensis ranges from Florida to New Jersey, west to Iowa and eastern Texas. In Wisconsin it has been reported from just a few locations in the far southwestern counties, although it is widely planted as a yard or street tree, primarily because of the numerous, bright pink flowers produced in spring.

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