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Morus rubra L.
red mulberry
Family: Moraceae
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The leaves of Morus rubra are simple, alternate and toothed and they may be lobed or not. As in the very similar Morus alba, the leaves have three strong veins from the base of the blade. The undersides of the leaves are pubescent, however, unlike the leaves of Morus alba, which are glabrous, except for a few hairs along the midvein on some plants. The fruits are red, but the fruits of Morus alba may be either white or red.

Morus rubra is distributed throughout the southeastern U.S., extending west to Texas and north to southeastern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, with a few scattered locations farther north in New England. In Wisconsin it is uncommon as a native plant in the southern counties and it does not escape from cultivation as readily as Morus alba.

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