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Quercus rubra L.
red oak
Family: Fagaceae
forest-grown tree open-grown tree leaf fruit bark
Quercus rubra leaves are simple and alternate with sharp-pointed, shallow lobes. Click here to compare the leaves of our 6 commonest species of oaks (but be warned that there is considerable variation in each species). The acorns of Q. rubra are the largest of our oaks and the buds are also the largest. The acorn cap is very shallow and broad. The smooth bark of twigs begins to split into shiny sections as the trunks grow, until they are thoroughly fissured at maturity.

Quercus rubra ranges from the maritime provinces of Canada to Georgia and west to Arkansas and Minnesota. It is distributed throughout Wisconsin. It tolerates more shade than our other oaks and is sometimes an important component of upland deciduous forests.

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