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Tilia americana L.
American basswood
Family: Tiliaceae
tree leaf leaf and fruit bud bark

The leaves of Tilia americana are simple, alternate and toothed. They are basically heart-shaped and the lobes at the base are usually unequal. The buds are plump, although acute at the tip, and there are often only 2 or 3 bud scales visible. The scales are usually red and if there are only 2 scales, they are clearly unequal in size (i.e. not valvate). Bark of young trees and branches have a smooth, light gray bark, and bark of larger trunks is heavily fissured and darker. If a tree is cut off it frequently sends up multiple sprouts, which may eventually mature to form a multi-stemmed growth form. The hard, nearly round fruits appear to arise from the midrib of an elongate leaf-like bract.

Tilia americana is found throughout Wisconsin and grows in a wide variety of communities.

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