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Ulmus pumila L.
Siberian elm
Family: Ulmaceae
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Ulmus pumila has smaller leaves than Ulmus americana (less than 7 cm), the leaf bases are symmetrical or nearly so and the leaf margins are singly toothed. The buds are plump and broadly rounded at the tip, the scales are strongly ciliate and the leaf bud scales are very dark (almost black) in color.

Ulmus pumila is an introduced species, widely planted and sometimes escaping. Successful escaped plants are often on disturbed sites such as abandoned fields and rights-of-way. In the Green Bay area it does well on disturbed soils within the city and is often found on river banks, roadsides, railroad embankments and fencerows. It is mostly restricted to the southern half of Wisconsin, with a few locations reported for Oconto and southern Marinette Counties and one in Bayfield.

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