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Bird Banding. Photo by Aaron Groves.
Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

Volunteers Needed for Bird Banding at Point au Sable

Spring is here already! We will be conducting the migration songbird banding study at Point au Sable Nature Preserve starting 11 April and continuing through May of 2014.

Volunteers are welcome to join graduate student Stephanie Beilke on Friday and Saturday mornings to help her collect data about migrating birds. No previous experience is needed.

There are two sites, a lowland forest site (nick-named the “base” site) and a coastal site.

  • Fridays: meet approximately 15 minutes before dawn at the Base Banding Site
  • Saturdays: meet approximately 30 minutes before dawn on Point Lane and we will hike to the Coastal Banding Site as a group.

Banding is expected to begin in April and continue through May, as long as the weather cooperates. We do not band in the rain, if the temperature drops below 40F or if wind speeds exceed 20 mph. In the case of bad weather Friday or Saturday we will band on Tuesday morning.

Any last minute banding cancellations/delays will be sent via email and/or text 1 hour before the scheduled banding time and these emails (and/or text messages) will only be sent to participants who have already notified banding organizer, Stephanie Beilke.

How to Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Stephanie Beilke at her email address and she will send you more detailed information information including the phone number for text cancellations. You will also be added to the email list so you will get all the latest updates.

Volunteer Agreement

All volunteers must sign a volunteer agreement form. These will be available at the bird banding site. Your volunteer status qualifies you for extension of the professional liability coverage provided to agents of the University of Wisconsin System so long as any potential liability occurs while you perform duties that fall within the scope of the description provided above/attached. This position carries no remuneration and you are not eligible for any benefits.

How to get to Point au Sable and Banding Sites


From Campus: Take Nicolet Drive north to Point Lane. Turn left onto Point Lane and park in the are indicated by the Parking symbol on the map. Do not use the southern parking area at Au Sable Road as it requires you to cross private property.

Base Banding Station

Meet at Point Lane (also labeled on the map as Point Rd). This is a short dead-end road off of Nicolet Drive (the same street you take to get to UW-Green Bay campus). Once you turn on Point Lane, look for a line of cars parked on the south side of the road (the forested side).

Coastal Banding Station

Point Lane is a short dead-end road off of Nicolet Drive (Nicolet is the same street you take to get to UW-Green Bay main entrance). Once you turn on Point Lane, look for a line of cars parked on the south side of the road (the forested side). If you need help finding us, feel free to call me at 920-366-5825.

Au Sable Drive is a private road off of Nicolet Drive with gated access. You must meet us at the start time in order to get access at the gate or make arrangements with me before coming out.

What to bring:

  • Field clothes (long sleeves and pants, hat, extra warm layers if it’s cold, hiking boots or tennis shoes – waterproof is always better)
  • Rubber boots (not absolutely necessary but highly recommended for the Base banding station where we have some muddy areas)
  • Bird-safe mosquito blocker (ex: wearable fine-mesh mosquito netting/head net, rain gear, natural bug repellant OK, absolutely NO products with DEET, and no spraying anything near the birds/banding station)
  • Sunblock
  • Snacks and water


  • Camera
  • Field Guide(s)
  • Binoculars

Hope to see you out there!