Illustrations in Support of the Key to Plants in Michigan Flora, Vol. 3.

The following table provides images in support of the keys to plants in the three volume book:
Voss, Edward G. Michigan Flora. Cranbrook Institute of Science.
Part I. Gymnosperms and Monocots. Bulletin 55. (1972)
Part II. Dicots (Saururaceae - Cornaceae). Bulletin 59. (1985)
Part III. Dicots (Pyrolaceae - Compositae). Bulletin 61. (1996)

Until such time as a "Flora of Wisconsin" is available, Michigan Flora is an essential resource for botanists in Wisconsin. The books are of excellent quality and very affordable. They may be purchased at:

I am strongly opposed to"picture matching" as a means of identification of unknown plants. The answers arrived at in this manner are closer to a guess than to a reliable determination. Accurate identifications generally require the use of a dichotomous key. However, it has been my experience that beginners may have difficulty visualizing terms used in plant keys. A carefully chosen image can sometimes help as students learn the characters. It is in this spirit that the following illustrations are provided.

page # key number illustrations
548 1. first lead aquatic plants
549 3. first lead plants lacking green color
549 4. first lead bulblets or tufts of leaves in lieu of flowers
549 5. first lead  
549 5. second lead  

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