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On-campus recruiting provides students the opportunity to visit one-on-one with employers seeking full-time or internship candidates. These visits may be through Campus Interviews, Information Tables or Information Sessions.

Information Tables/Sessions:
Employers arrange these visits through Career Services. Find details of these visits by viewing "Events" in PRO-Phoenix Recruitment On-Line. 

How Can I Participate in Campus Interviews?
Campus Interviews are scheduled through Career Services and managed in PRO (Phoenix Recruitment On-Line). 

To participate:
  • Update your profile in PRO and upload and publish a current resume in PRO. This is REQUIRED; without a resume, you will not be able to schedule an interview!
  • Submit your resume for those positions in which you have an interest.
  • Note your scheduled interview time slot. Failure to show for an interview or cancelling with less than 24-hours' notice may result in loss of your campus interview privileges (see below).
  • Prepare for your interview: Review the organization's website/literature, attend an "Interview Like a Professional" workshop, review the "Interviewing Like a Professional" guide and list of potential interview questions, or visit with a staff member in Career Services to ask questions or participate in a practice/mock interview. Plan ahead and participate in one of our Mock Interview Days!

Types of Interview Schedules:
There are typically three types of interview schedules:

  1. Open: Students will be able to submit a resume and sign up for an interview time slot.
  2. Pre-Select: Employers will collect resumes through PRO, review, then select candidates to interview. You will be notified via email whether or not you have been selected for an interview. Accepted candidates will then be able to select an interview time slot.
  3. Employer Directed: Employers may schedule interviews based upon conversations at the Job & Internship Fair, Information Tables/Sessions, or via applications they receive through their organization's website or via email. Employers will schedule those interviews directly with candidates, and Career Services will document in our system.

Interview No Shows and Late Cancellations:
Career Services and employers view campus interviews as professional interactions. If a student signs up for an interview time slot, they should consider it a professional commitment and treat it as such. Late cancellations and missed interviews not only reflect negatively upon candidates, but also upon the University. Many employers determine future campus visits based upon attendance of campus interviews. Candidates who do not show professional courtesy, no show for an interview, or cancel without 24-hours' notice may lose campus interview privileges.

On-Campus Recruitment and Resume Referral Policies

Career Services at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay adheres to the Principles for Professional Practice as outlined by NACE, the National Association of Colleges and Employers. By submitting a profile in PRO or by submitting a resume to an employer for an on-campus interview schedule, you agree to abide by these policies:

  1. Students and alumni registering with Phoenix Recruitment On-line (PRO) via the Web assume total responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in their record and on their resume. Career Services staff reserves the right to not forward a resume to an organization if information within the demographic/registration section of the student PRO record contradicts or is in conflict with the required qualifications of the position.
  2. Resumes that are forwarded to organizations for on-campus recruitment and resume referrals are recorded electronically. An individual may check the status of which organizations received a resume at any time in PRO, by phone or in person. Individuals are not automatically notified of this action.
  3. Demographic information (i.e. sex, age, ethnic background, physical disability, etc.) requested in PRO is not forwarded to an employer. This information is only used for statistical purposes internally in Career Services.
  4. The campus ID number is a required submission of the PRO system. PRO uses it as a way to generate a unique record for an individual. This number is used only internally and is never shared with an employer.
  5. Career Services will release contact information over the phone to employers if they are unable to contact an individual with the information listed on the resume that was received. This applies to e-mail information as well.
  6. Candidates must meet qualifications as stated by the employer to be eligible for an on-campus interview or for a resume to be forwarded through a resume referral.
  7. Candidates are advised to not abuse the on-campus recruitment or the resume referral program. Examples of abuse would include failure to show for an on-campus interview, failure to provide 24 hours advance notice when canceling an interview with Career Services and failure to show professional courtesy to an employer by not responding to phone or written correspondence. Abuse will be addressed by Career Services staff and privileges to participate in the recruitment programs may be revoked.
  8. If Career Services is notified by an employer of unethical or inappropriate behavior of a candidate during an interview, Career Services staff reserves the right to address the issue with the student or alumnus. If the behavior is severe, the student may be referred to the campus judicial process. Interview and referral privileges will be removed.
  9. Any candidate not meeting the qualifications for an on-campus interview may request to have the name of the contact person for that organization and can personally forward a letter to the contact person in order to request directly for consideration and a personal interview. (Ex: A student is not accepted for a pre-select interview schedule.)
  10. The University does not accept responsibility for the actions of any on-campus or off-campus employers during interviews. Students and alumni are encouraged to bring to the attention of Career Services staff any unethical, unprofessional or inappropriate behavior of an interviewer or host organization. The situation will be explored and the issue addressed with the organization in question.
  11. Students and alumni must be currently registered with Career Services and any appropriate fees paid in order to participate in on-campus recruitment.
  12. The office staff will critique a resume when it is uploaded to PRO for the first time only. It is the individual's responsibility to make appropriate changes or to have future editions of the resume critiqued by Career Services staff.
  13. It is an individual's responsibility to inform Career Services if she/he is not interested in having her/his resume referred to employers or if he/she has become employed. When notification is received, the individual's resume is marked inactive or "employed" therefore preventing the individual's resume from being forwarded to organizations for consideration for employment or on-campus interviews. If repeated employers note incorrect address information, or that a person is employed, then the student/alumnus will be marked as blocked and the resume will not be forwarded in the future.
  14. Interview schedules are open or pre-select. For all open interview schedules, interested and qualified students may submit their resume in PRO and sign up for an interview time slot on a first-come basis. Once the schedule is filled, students can add their name to the Wait List in PRO. Career Services will contact Wait List students if a time slot becomes available. Resumes of students on the waiting list will be given to the representative for review at the end of the interview day.
  15. An individual interested in interviewing with organizations that have chosen a pre-select interview schedule may indicate their interest in a position by forwarding a copy of their resume in PRO for the appropriate organization. Once an organization has made an interview decision of a candidate, they will be notified by e-mail of the employer's decision. Accepted candidates will be able to sign up for an interview time slot. Alternate candidates will be able to sign up during a designated time period if slots still remain.
Employers are asked to complete an interview evaluation form for each interview candidate, however, they are not obligated to do so. If you would like to review the ratings and comments employers provide after your interview, please contact Career Services to set up an appointment with one of our staff members.

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