Wind Erosion

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences,University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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  1. Desert pavement results from
    1. flash floods carrying large rocks
    2. deflation by wind
    3. chemical weathering
    4. volcanic ejecta covering the desert
  2. Desert pavement is ___ for heavy human use because______.
    1. suitable--the rocks are large
    2. unsuitable--the pavement is thin
    3. suitable--the pavement is thick
    4. unsuitable--the rocks are sharp
  3. Barchans are:
    1. crescent-shaped dunes
    2. ridges parallel to the wind direction
    3. ridges transverse to the wind direction
    4. streamlined bedrock hills scoured by the wind
  4. Which is true of loess?
    1. it is too crumbly to provide good root support for plants
    2. it is poor in plant nutrients
    3. it is too fine-grained to allow water to penetrate
    4. it forms many of the world's best agricultural soils
  5. A faceted pebble shaped by the wind is termed a:
    1. ventifact
    2. erratic
    3. aeolian clast
    4. yardang
  6. Transverse dunes can evolve into longitudinal dunes through an intermediate form called:
    1. barchan
    2. star dune
    3. intermediate dune
    4. parabolic dune
  7. The largest and highest dunes are
    1. star dunes
    2. barchans
    3. longitudinal dunes
    4. transverse dunes
  8. The largest sand dune region in the U.S. is in:
    1. Nevada
    2. California
    3. Arizona
    4. Nebraska
  9. The source area from which wind-blown material derives can often become a:
    1. playa
    2. deflation basin
    3. flood plain
    4. loess blanket
  10. The loess in Wisconsin was derived from:
    1. the Mississippi River flood plain
    2. dust blown off the Green Bay Glacial Lobe
    3. desert sand from the Great Basin
    4. rapid mechanical weathering of local rocks by intense cold

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