Precambrian History of Wisconsin

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Time (Ma) Event Location Geological Effects
700? Sandstone Deposition Lake Superior Deposition of red Jacobsville Sandstone in Upper Peninsula of Michigan
1000 Grenville Orogeny Labrador, Quebec, Ontario, SE Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky? Collision of a continent with eastern North America resulted in metamorphism and deformation in eastern North America. Compression and thrust faulting in Mid-Continent Rift System.
1100 Mid-Continent Rifting Lake Superior SW to Kansas, possibly SE to Indiana and Ohio Probably the result of the initial collision of the Grenville continent with North America. Basalt volcanism and mafic intrusions followed by coarse terrestrial sediment deposition.
1400 Spavinaw Rhyolite Terrane Missouri and adjacent states. Widespread rhyolitic volcanism. Part of extensive silicic igneous activity in the Midcontinent during the middle Proterozoic but not known to occur in Wisconsin.
1485 Wolf River Batholith East-Central Wisconsin Large anorogenic granitic intrusion. Granitic intrusions of similar age occur in the basement of the Midcontinent and in the Rocky Mountains.
1600? Baraboo Interval Quartzites Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota Waterloo, Baraboo, Necedah, McCaslin and Rib Mountain quartzites. Barron Quartzite in NW Wisconsin may correspond to Sioux Quartzite in Minnesota, Iowa, and S. Dakota
1700 Baraboo Interval Igneous Activity South-Central Wisconsin Anorogenic granitic intrusions and rhyolite volcanism.
1800 Penokean Granitic Intrusions North-Central Wisconsin Late igneous activity of the Penokean Orogeny
1900 Penokean Orogeny Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan Collision of the Superior, Wausau-Pembine and Marshfield Terranes with accompanying metamorphism and deformation.
2000 Proterozoic Volcanism North-central Wisconsin Volcanic arc terrane; basaltic volcanism, volcanogenic sedimentation, and mafic intrusions.
2000-2300 Proterozoic Sedimentation Northernmost Wisconsin and upper Michigan. Continental shelf-slope sedimentation along the southern edge of the Superior Province craton. Epicratonic sedimentation in Minnesota and Ontario.
2500 Archean   Formation of crust of Superior and Marshfield crustal blocks.

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