Cornerstone 98

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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This page is meant primarily for co-participants in Exercise Cornerstone 98, Trun, Bulgaria, 1998. I was one of the civil affairs team (AKA "who the heck are those guys?") on Rotation III from 23 July to 6 August, 1998. The links below access the digital photos I took during the trip. To save server space they are in half-size format. I can provide copies in original format (640 x 480) on request.

These images may be freely copied for personal or non-profit use, including your own Web pages and unit histories. If you publish them in some form, please acknowledge the source: SFC (now MSG) Steve Dutch, 432d Civil Affairs Battalion. In the unlikely event you discover a way to get rich from these images, we need to have a talk first.

Problems? e-mail me.

I got fairly nice results printing a test shot on a color printer, though not quite as good as a glossy photo. Setting the picture to 4 inches wide by 3 high should give acceptable results. Don't try to print each page unless you have a lot of ink and paper - download the image first.. If you do print all the images, let me know what cartridge you're using first so I can buy stock in the company!

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