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2014-2015 Research Infrastructure Program
Proposal Requirements

Please breakdown your proposal into a single file and label them clearly in the requested category below. You will be asked to upload (browse) the file at the bottom of the application form. It should not exceed 15 pages, including figures. Proposal budgets cannot exceed 1 year and a $10,000 maximum award.

1. Introduction/Summary:
Summarize your project in one page or less. Important issues to address here and in the body of the proposal are why your topic is of interest to NASA and how this project will build infrastructure or lead to the development of a larger proposal effort to NASA or another government agency. For more information on NASA Directorates, see

2. Background:
Summarize current and previous research on the topic. Provide references of related work. Be aware that not all of the WSGC review panel members are likely to be experts in your area, so make sure you provide fundamental information on your topic.

3. Proposed Activities:
Describe your research objectives, methods and expected outcomes. Again, be sure to provide fundamental information on your research.

4. Time Line:
Please provide dates of when you will start the project, when you will finish the project and any dates in between when specific/important steps of the work will be started or completed. You will be required to submit an Interim Report and a Final Report.

5. Budget:
You need to provide a budget summary for your proposal that shows labor (people, hours, rates and total), travel details (where, transportation costs, hotel costs, meal costs) and any other costs (with equivalent detail). The Research Infrastructure program normally will provide funding for labor, including your collaborators and students. Travel will also be supported if it is considered important to your work or beneficial to your research experience. Out of country travel cannot be funded. You also need to indicate matching funds and the source (overhead, equipment, labor) with similar detail. Also note that your organization is required to provide matching funds of at least 1:1 to your budget. Any institutional overhead must be applied as matching funds. Given budget limitations, we will likely not support any amount for equipment or rental of facilities. We highly recommend you find alternative means to purchase equipment or materials needed for your research and apply them as matching funds. Call the WSGC Lead Office (920) 465-2108 or Research Office (608) 785-8431 if you would like us to help you in this matter.

6. Previous Funding:
If you have received previous funding from the WSGC Research Infrastructure Program, you must demonstrate that your past research project has met the goals and objectives of our Research Infrastructure Program. You should provide specific information on how your research led to larger proposal submission(s), broader collaborations, etc. As this is a seed grant program, priority for funding will be given to those projects that can demonstrate strongest growth in Wisconsin’s aerospace infrastructure. Also include the previous support from the WSGC Research Infrastructure Program (title, date, amount).

7. CV:
Please include an updated two page CV.

Contact Information:
For additional information contact Gubbi Sudahkaran, Associate Director for Research at  or (608) 785-8431.

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