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Industry Academic Partnerships Program
Program #11 D For 2014-2015

D. Industry/Academic Partnerships for Space-Related Activities

Industry/Academic Partnerships for Space-Related Activities — No match required.

This is an Announcement of Opportunity (AO) to WSGC member industries of seed money (up to a maximum of $4,000 per year) to develop member industrial/university collaboration/partnerships on an aerospace-related research problem. A maximum of two competitive selections per year will be made by the IPC based upon technical review and potential. Companies may resubmit proposals to continue work from year-to-year, but must demonstrate how the activity has been beneficial to the company, the academic institution, the goals of WSGC, and how additional funding is necessary to expand upon those benefits. The partnership must be led by the industry organization and must have a member university/college element. A minimum of 25% must be spent by the company and academic institution or academic participant to qualify. WSGC will provide the budgeted funds to the lead company at the start of the effort. The company will make payment to the educational institution or its faculty or staff as it agrees with the school (subcontract or consulting agreement to the faculty). The company will develop a plan for development of new technology and IP that all involved parties agree to. Follow-on government proposals are encouraged if the program is successful. Specific instructions for "D" applications are:  

  • Complete your proposal in a separate file.
    • Describe the academic partner's scope and related activities.
    • Provide the bios of the industry and academic PI's and key personnel and related publications.        
    • Describe the work or project that would be accomplished.
    • Describe how the company, the academic institution, and the state and national space program would benefit.    
    • A company may not be considered for new awards if it has not completed required reporting on previous awards.
    • Provide a detailed budget summary of how all related funds would be spent and who would pay for what.    
  • Fill out the online Industry Academic Partnerships Application
  • Upload the proposal.
  • Upload the Certifications Page
  • Upon award and completion, deliver the Non-Proprietary Report (NPR) to the IPC and an estimate of any additional funds spent by either industry, faculty or academic institution. Awardees are expected to share non-proprietary research at the annual Wisconsin Space Conference (typically August each year) that occurs after the completion of the project. Specifics of the proceedings format are available here. It is requested that credit be given to the NASA Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium for its funding contribution. Should the work be "proprietary", awardees are not required to present the results. Required information shall be emailed to
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