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Instrument Development Program - Engineering Team

Paid Summer Internship Opportunity
Elijah High-Altitude Balloon Workshop Student Summer Internship

Purpose: The Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium (WSGC) will hire 2 students from any affiliate institution, majoring in a science or engineering discipline, to design and create instructor-friendly payloads for a higher-education workshop to promote our high-altitude balloon project, Elijah.

Awards: Each intern will receive a $2000 direct stipend, paid in increments. All funding subject to availability; failure to make a concerted effort to meet the “work period” guidelines may result in a decrease in the award amount.

Work period: Approximately 5 June 2011 to 31 August 2011, with at least one test flight likely. Time sare flexible, based on the end of spring term and beginning of fall term for each institution.

Location: Meetings of the team will take place virtually or in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Students must be able to provide their own transportation.

Program description: The Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium (WSGC) is pleased to announce the Student Satellite Initiative, an innovative NASA project that provides opportunities for students to fly their science experiments in a near-space environment. As part of this initiative, the WSGC wishes to open up the opportunity to experience designing and building a satellite to be launched from a high-altitude balloon that will ascend up to 100,000 feet or more before bursting. With the understanding that interested, skilled and experienced faculty are best suited to provide this opportunity in the classroom setting, the WSGC runs the summer Elijah Balloon Workshop to instruct interested faculty how to build a science-driven payload as part of the curriculum of their choice, and then analyze the resulting data. Participating faculty assist the Elijah Launch Team in the launch of the payloads the day following the faculty workshop, track and chase the balloon as it traverses, retrieve the payload upon landing, and analyze the resulting data.

Payloads that are simple to build, robust to fly and provide high-fidelity data useful to specific classroom settings are needed, along with the instructions on how to construct them. Under this opportunity, student interns will design these payloads, construct them, and then put together an "out of the box" kit with easy-to-follow instructions, so that participating faculty can learn to construct payloads, and feel confident that they can teach their students to do the same.

Requirements: This internship opportunity is open to U.S. citizens at any Affiliate Member institution of the WSGC, majoring in any science, math, technology or engineering discipline.

Applications:  The Consortium especially encourages applications from members of minority groups, women, and persons with disabilities. Internships will be awarded on the basis of academic performance, experience and demonstration of commitment to the project.  The diverse scientific and engineering needs of the team will also be considered.

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Application Deadline:  1 June 2011
Award Announcements:  6 June 2011

Need more information? Contact our program office:

Program Office
Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium
University of Wisconsin – Green Bay
Green Bay, WI 54311