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Graduate Fellowship Program
Additional Material Requirements

Supporting Materials Required with Application (uploaded during submittal):

  1. Include a two to four page proposal containing the following: (a) a clear, concise statement of the space, aerospace, or space-related research, technology, or design project in which you will be engaged or you propose to conduct during the period of this award (indicate if this research is directly involved with the degree your are pursuing). Include how your independent research, at least in a broad sense, aligns with NASA Directorate or Center goals. (b) tasks, schedules and clearly stated expected results, (c) evidence of previous interest and experience in space-related studies, and (d) the significance/value of your work for the space/aerospace field.
  2. Complete academic resume containing previous degrees, majors or areas of concentration, name and address of institutions, publications if any, etc., as well as relevant work experiences and accomplishments.
  3. One-page Budget Summary for your independent research that should be for your sole benefit. This should include a brief explanation of any major expenditure items. Any travel or other expenses should be related to your research.  We are unable to fund international travel. NASA training grants such as WSGC cannot provide funding to buy computers. Salary is not an allowable expense, however you may request living stipends, tuition offsets, supplies and expenses, and similar sorts of funding.
  4. Copies (unofficial are acceptable) of your undergraduate transcript(s)
  5. Copies (unofficial are acceptable) of your graduate transcript(s), including most recent.
  6. Two (2) letters of recommendation: one from your academic advisor or mentor stating his or her willingness to supervise your space, aerospace or space-related project and a description of his or her advisory role, and one from another faculty member, employer, or aerospace professional familiar with your proposed area of work.
  7. Certification Page: Download, Sign, and Scan this page for upload.

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