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  1. How do you know if I'm coming? Do I send a deposit?

    UW-Green Bay does not require an admissions/enrollment deposit. We will know of your intentions when you register for the "FOCUS R&R" program in spring. The only deposit you will make after being admitted is your housing deposit (when you receive a housing contract).

  2. I was previously admitted and forgot what I changed my password to.

    If you were previously admitted to UWGB, you had the opportunity to change your password at that time. We were not able to import that password into your admission letter. If you forgot what you changed your password to, go to "Student Password Reset".

  3. I'm having technical issues, what do I do?

    If you have trouble with your network account or e-mail, contact the Help Desk at (920) 465-2309 or

  4. How can I see what courses are being offered?

    Visit the "Schedule of Classes" Web site, information will be posted on this site for each term as soon as it is available. Please note that a paper-based schedule of classes is not available. You can print the schedule from your computer if you wish.

  5. When do I register for classes?

    New freshmen register for classes at "FOCUS Registration and Resources." Transfer students should refer to their admission folder for further registration information.

  6. I am transferring to UWGB. How will I find out how my previous courses transfer?

    A credit evaluation is done following the admission of transfer students. Your credit evaluation will be e-mailed to your UWGB e-mail from the credit evaluator in our Registrar's Office. This is generally done within several weeks of your admission on a priority basis for the current semester. If you are transferring from a different UW campus, or from a Wisconsin Technical College campus, you can do an unofficial evaluation yourself at the Transfer Information System (TIS) Web site.

  7. Where can I view the undergraduate and graduate catalogs?

    You can view both the Undergraduate Catalog and Graduate Catalog online.

  8. How much is school going to cost?

    Visit the Cost page for information on tuition, housing, dining and other estimated costs. Please note that costs vary from year to year. Tuition is generally set during the July immediately preceding the school year for which you are enrolling.

  9. How do I cancel my Admission?

    We're sorry if you need to cancel your admission, and hope we'll be able to serve you in the future. If you do need to cancel your admission, you can do so by completing the online Cancel Form. You will need to provide your name, date of birth, and last 4 digits of your social security number so that we may verify your identity.

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