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Area of Emphasis

The Area of Emphasis is the portion of your major that focuses your degree on the field of study you want to pursue.  By identifying an Area of Emphasis you are adding an area of Specialty and expertise to your major.

Integrative Leadership Studies Major

Applied Communication

Students who choose an emphasis in Applied Communication will study internal and external communication practices. Coursework focuses on the development of collaborative practices to work in a team-based environment in order to analyze problems and design and evaluate solutions. Students come to understand how communication happens; how visual and verbal cues are translated into messages and filtered through various media; how messages are interpreted in different contexts; and how the context is constructed. Applied communication is an important skill and is applicable in all industries.

What courses will I take for the Applied Communication Emphasis?


The goal of the Arts Emphasis is to produce artists, performers, teachers and professionals capable of working effectively and making significant contributions to society through the Arts.

What courses will I take for the Arts Emphasis?

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood professionals outside of the PK-12 school system may wish to pursue a Bachelor degree without Licensure. With an earned associate degree in Early Childhood Education from a Wisconsin Technical College, students may apply to this Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) degree, majoring in Integrative Leadership Studies (ILS) with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. This program focuses on Leadership skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and communication while expanding student credentials.

What courses will I take for the Early Childhood Education Emphasis?

Emergency Management

There is a nationwide effort within the Emergency Management industry today toward requiring bachelor’s degrees for professionals working in the field. This translates into more jobs in the future requiring advanced knowledge, critical thinking skills and academic preparation – in short, a college degree. A degree from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with this Area of Emphasis will give you the edge you need to compete and succeed.

What courses will I take for the Emergency Management Emphasis?

Environmental Policy Studies

The Environmental Policy Studies Emphasis is designed for those who not only want to focus their degree on preserving and tending to our natural environment, but wish to do so in ways that will prepare them for crafting policy that addresses issues such as: Environmental Conservation; Public Policy Development and the Political Process; Sustainable Management and Development; Policy Development and Political Aspects of Environmental Management; Financial and Cost/Benefit Planning in Environmental Administration; Environmental Legal Issues; and many more!

What courses will I take for the Environmental Policy Studies Emphasis?

Human Development

The Human Development emphasis will prepare you for a career working with people and helping to solve human problems. Sample careers include those in human resources, human services and health-related fields. Career possibilities are varied, and include youth services worker, adoption agency official, sales professional, children’s librarian, career consultant, student affairs dean and nursing home administrator. Other careers may include: parent educator, human services worker, family therapist or childbirth instructor.

What courses will I take for the Human Development Emphasis?

Leadership in Public Service

Public service whether it is: local, county or state government or non-profit is changing rapidly. The public sector environment has grown very complex, requiring a new set of competencies and skills necessary to carry out the job demands. Professionals in these jobs are succeeding with education and credentials that set them apart from those without a college degree.

What courses will I take for the Leadership in Public Service Emphasis?

Nonprofit Leadership

Students who choose an emphasis in Nonprofit Leadership will gain skills and knowledge regarding managing and leading nonprofit organizations. Coursework is designed to focus in planning, human resources, budgeting, and fundraising. Students with a focus in this area can plan for a career as an executive director, program manager, fundraiser, or grants writer in a nonprofit organization.

What courses will I take for the Nonprofit Leadership Emphasis?

Self-Directed Emphasis

The Self-Directed Area of Emphasis is ideal for students who, instead of choosing an emphasis listed within the Integrative Leadership Studies major, instead choose to create their own – using credits transferred in and tailored to their own needs and educational/professional goals. An Academic Advisor will help to craft the emphasis and to get it approved.

What courses will I take for the Self-Directed Emphasis?

Business Administration Major

General Business

The General Business Emphasis is designed to provide the student seeking a broad degree of familiarity in Business by offering additional upper-level coursework in areas such as Marketing, Management, Finance, human Resources and others.

What courses will I take for the General Business Emphasis?

Psychology Major

General Psychology

The General Psychology Emphasis allows students to continuing exploring various aspects of the Psychology major, providing upper-level coursework in the areas of Psychological/Cognitive, Social Personality, Developmental and Clinical Psychology. This is an excellent emphasis for students who are still deciding where in the field they wish to concentrate their work, as well as those preparing for graduate study.

What courses will I take for the General Psychology Emphasis?

Health Information, Management and Technology Major

Healthcare Management

Focusing on organization and management, the Health Information Management emphasis provides a focus on human resources management, financial and resource management, and strategic planning and organizational development.

What courses will I take for the Healthcare Management Emphasis?

Healthcare Technology

The Health Information Technology program concentration focuses on information technology and systems, preparing students to build and use software and hardware systems to manage, retrieve, and analyze data that will drive improvements in patient care.

What courses will I take for the Healthcare Technology Emphasis?

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