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Balancing Work, Home and School

Learn How the Bachelor of Applied Studies Degree Helped Melanie Balance School and Family Life:


Take a Deep Breath and... Relax

Justin Maki

By: Justin Maki, Academic Advisor and Recruiter, Wausau

We’re now a month into the semester and it’s time to take a deep breath and allow yourself to relax. Give yourself time to escape from chaos and to focus on the present. My tip for keeping yourself healthy and focused on the present is to practice “being mindful.” Take time to support yourself and the decision you have made to continue your education. You’re probably thinking that with all the responsibilities you have going on already, when are you going to find time to relax and unwind? In reality, mindfulness can be practiced anywhere and for any length of time. This focus on your well-being will still produce results for you – even when practiced for shorter periods of time.

Something that has worked for me that I want to share is taking a moment to observe the changes in the season. Set your alarm clock five minutes earlier and take your time getting ready for the day. As you walk out of your home, feel the leaves on the ground crunching beneath your feet, notice the taste of the fresh autumn air, and see the beautiful colors of the trees. Walk slowly to your car and begin the day more relaxed. As the day continues and you have a million things on your mind, be mindful of the fact that you’re walking as fast as you can to get to the next place. Be aware that you are feeling overwhelmed. And when this happens, simply stop for a moment and allow yourself to take a deep breath and... relax.

As an adult learner, the stress of balancing work, family, home life, and being a college student can be overwhelming. Sitting down to focus on school takes a great deal of concentration. By taking the time to find a place where you can unwind both physically and mentally, you will gain the ability to concentrate and be more efficient with your school work. Freeing your mind of distractions to concentrate on a quiz, paper, or assignment will allow you to think more creatively and efficiently. Being mindful is about putting yourself in the present and noticing how both your mind and body are reacting to its environment. So remember, applaud yourself for all you do and treat yourself to a deep breath and a state of relaxation every once in a while.