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Balancing Work, Home and School

Learn How the Bachelor of Applied Studies Degree Helped Melanie Balance School and Family Life:


Take a Deep Breath and... Relax

Justin Maki

By: Justin Maki

My tip for keeping yourself healthy and focused on the present is to practice “being mindful.” Take time to support yourself and the decision you’ve made to continue your education. As an adult learner, the stress of balancing work, family, home life, and being a college student can be overwhelming. You may start to notice yourself focusing on everything that has to be done, which can distract you from wanting to get started on anything.  By taking the time to find a place where you can unwind both physically and mentally, you will gain the ability to concentrate and be more efficient with your school work. Freeing your mind of distractions to concentrate on a quiz, paper, or assignment will allow you to think more creatively and efficiently. Pay attention to your thoughts and challenge whether they are healthy for you or not.  Thoughts related to stress, inadequacy, and feeling overwhelmed will only slow you down and prevent you from enjoying this experience.    Being mindful is about putting yourself in the present and noticing how both your mind and body are reacting to its environment. So remember, applaud yourself for all you do and treat yourself to a deep breath and a state of relaxation every once in a while.

ADP Advisor Tips for Balancing Work, Home, and School

  • Remember that family and personal time is important.  Set aside time to continue enjoying your family, hobbies, and activities you participated in before you came back to school. 
  • Find ways to involve the family in your academic pursuits.  Ask your children for help even in the most trivial of ways, it made them feel part of the endeavor. 
  • Be sure to tell your spouse about your coursework, what you are learning, classmates, challenges and successes.
  • Be a great role model for your children.  If you take school seriously it will rub off.  
  • Decide how much time you’ll need for your online and off-line coursework and add it to your schedule as uninterrupted study time.  Remember, it’s better to budget more time and not need it than to need it and not have it!
  • Take advantage of all the resources available to you.  “Online classes” does not mean on-your-own classes.  There are many services and resources designed to support you and your advisor can help you access them.  All you need to do is ask!
  • Most adult learners need to balance multiple responsibilities while taking classes.  If you encounter challenges, remind yourself why you decided to continue your education.  Internal motivation inspires and drives students to be successful!
  • Create a space that’s just for doing your coursework.  An uninterrupted study space (like your uninterrupted study time) promotes success and is a great place to hang up a sign with your personal list of motivations.
  • Be flexible and accountable.  Know that if Plan A isn’t working, there’s usually a Plan B that will.  Talk with your academic advisor about all your options and develop a degree completion plan.   You’ll be walking across the stage for graduation before you know it!