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Bachelor of Applied Studies Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Applied Studies also features the Integrative Leadership Studies major. This degree is designed to help those with an applied associate degree from a Wisconsin Technical College, or other regionally - accredited school, complete a bachelor’s degree. Coursework is offered in convenient formats for working adults.

The Bachelor of Applied Studies enables the transfer of an applied associate degree as a block of 60 credits, allowing students to enter the program at the midpoint for completion of the degree.

Students then will complete the following coursework:

I. General Education Requirements Credits
First Year Seminar 0
Quantitative Literacy 3
Ethnic Studies Perspective 3
Global Culture 3
Biological Sciences 3
Natural Sciences 3
Sustainability Perspective 3
Social Sciences 6
Humanities 6
Fine Arts 3
Writing Competency 3
Math Competency 0

II. Major Requirements - Supporting Coursework Credits
Integrative Leadership Seminar 3
Writing Course 3

III. Major Requirements - Upper-Level Coursework Credits
Critical Thinking Skills 3
Capstone: Synthesis and Assessment 3
Area of Emphasis* 12-24
SUB-TOTAL: 18-30

IV. Applied Assocaite Degree Credits
(Includes Transfer Block)
TOTAL: 120

*See Area of Emphasis page for options.