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Area of Emphasis: Arts

What is the “Area of Emphasis?”

The Area of Emphasis is the portion of the major that focuses your degree on the field of study you want to pursue. The Arts Emphasis is made up of five courses (15 credits) from UW-Green Bay’s Department of Arts and Visual Design, taken after the completion of one prerequisite course from the department, for a total of six courses/18 credits.

How Would a Degree with an Emphasis in the Arts Benefit Me?

The ultimate goal of this Emphasis is to produce artists, performers, teachers, and professionals capable of working effectively and making significant contributions to society through the Fine Arts. Each semester, the Adult Degree Program also provides an array of general education courses to educate and broaden the experience of non-arts majors at UW–Green Bay. The general education offerings provide life enriching experiences and opportunities for artistic expression campus wide and in the community.


Choose one of these (3 credits):

Choose five of these (15 credits):

  • ART 320: Art and Ideas (3 credits)
  • ART 376: Modern American Culture (3 credits)
  • ART 379: Women, Art and Image (3 credits)
  • MUSIC 362: World Music (3 credits)
  • MUSIC 363: Jazz History (3 credits)
  • MUSIC 364: Musical Theatre History (3 credits)

Students may substitute a course from the following list if they are able to take on-campus courses:

  • Studio Arts and Art History courses, "ART" prefix
  • Applied Music, "MUSIC" prefix
  • Theatre History, Applied Theatre, "THEATRE" prefix

Speak with an advisor at (920) 465-2423 (or dial toll free at (800) 621-2313) or e-mail questions to: for more information on this degree program and the Arts Area of Emphasis.