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Area of Emphasis: Emergency Management

What is the “Area of Emphasis?”

The Area of Emphasis serves as the main focus of your degree. The Emergency Management Emphasis will provide you with the skills and credentials necessary to start a career or to advance in the field at the local, state, or federal level.

How would a degree with an Emphasis in Emergency Management benefit me?

There is a nationwide effort within the Emergency Management industry today toward requiring bachelor’s degrees for professionals working in the field. This translates into more jobs in the future requiring advanced knowledge, critical thinking skills, and academic preparation – in short, a college degree. A degree from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with this Area of Emphasis will give you the edge you need to compete and succeed.

Required Courses for the Area of Emphasis (CHOOSE FOUR):

Students interested in earning the optional UW-Green Bay Certificate in Emergency Management are required to take all FIVE courses.

  • PU EN AF 335: Principles and Practices of Emergency Management
  • PU EN AF 336: Strategic Emergency Preparedness, Planning, and Implementation
  • PU EN AF 337: Disaster Response Operations and Management
  • PU EN AF 338: Disaster Recovery
  • PU EN AF 339: Political and Policy Dimensions of Emergency Management

Students interested in earning ONLY the Emergency Management Certificate without pursuing the Bachelor’s Degree can learn more at