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Area of Emphasis: Environmental Policy Studies

What is the “Area of Emphasis?”

The Area of Emphasis is the portion of the major that focuses your degree on the field of study you want to pursue. The Environmental Policy Studies Emphasis is made up of four courses (12 credits) from UW-Green Bay’s Department of Public Administration and other departments, taken after the completion of three prerequisite courses for a total of seven courses and a total of 21 credits.

How would a Degree with an Emphasis in Environmental Policy Studies benefit me?

This Emphasis is designed for those who not only want to focus their Bachelor’s Degree on preserving and tending to our natural environment, but wish to do so in ways that will prepare them for crafting policy that addresses issues such as: Environmental Conservation; Public Policy Development and the Political Process; Sustainable Management and Development; Policy Development and Political Aspects of Environmental Management; Financial and Cost/Benefit Planning in Environmental Administration; Environmental Legal Issues; and many more!

Environmental Policy Studies, (21 credits)

Choose three of these, (9 credits):

  • ECON 203: Micro Economic Analysis (3 credits)
  • ENV SCI 102: Introduction to Environmental Sciences (3 credits)
  • GEOSCI 222: Ocean of Air: Weather and Climate (3 credits)
  • POL SCI 101: American Government and Politics (3 credits)
  • PU EN AF 102: Environment and Society (3 credits)

Choose four of these, (12 credits):

Speak with an advisor at (920) 465-2423 (or dial toll free at (800) 621-2313) or e-mail questions to: for more information on this degree program and the Environmental Policy Studies Area of Emphasis.