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Area of Emphasis: Human Development

What is the “Area of Emphasis?”

The Area of Emphasis is the portion of the major that focuses your degree on the field of study you want to pursue. The Human Development Emphasis is made up of four courses (12 credits) from UW-Green Bay’s Department of Human Development, taken after the completion of two prerequisite courses from the department over two years, for a total of six courses and a total of 18-19 credits. Note that you are also able to take the same coursework shown below to satisfy you Human Development MINOR instead of the Area of Emphasis. Contact an advisor to discuss the differences and benefits of both options.

How would a degree with an Emphasis in Human Development benefit me?

The Human Development emphasis will prepare you for a career working with people and helping to solve human problems. Sample careers include those in human resources, human services, and health-related fields. Career possibilities are varied, and include youth services worker, adoption agency official, sales professional, children’s librarian, career consultant, student affairs dean, and nursing home administrator. Other careers may include: parent educator, human services worker, family therapist, or childbirth instructor.

Required Pre-Requisite Courses:

  • HUM DEV 210: Introduction to Human Development

Select One:

  • ANTHRO 100, Varieties of World Culture
  • BIOLOGY 202, Principles of Biology
  • HUM BIOL 102, Introduction to Human Biology
  • SOCIOL 202, Introduction to Sociology

Required Courses

Select Two:

  • HUM DEV 331, Infancy and Early Childhood
  • HUM DEV 332, Middle Childhood and Adolescence
  • HUMDEV 343, Adulthood and Aging

Select Two:

  • HUM DEV XXX, Any two Upper-Level HUM DEV courses

Additional Upper-level HUM DEV courses frequently offered through the
Adult Degree Program are:

  • HUM DEV 342, Cross Cultural Human Development
  • HUM DEV 344, Death, Dying, and Loss
  • HUM DEV 345, Human Sexuality
  • HUM DEV 346: Culture, Development, and Health
  • HUM DEV 424: The Development of Creative and Critical Thinking

Speak with an advisor at (920) 465-2423 (or dial toll free at (800) 621-2313) or e-mail questions to: for more information on this degree program and the Human Development Area of Emphasis.