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Area of Emphasis: Nonprofit Leadership

Students who choose an emphasis in Nonprofit Leadership will gain skills and knowledge regarding managing and leading nonprofit organizations. Coursework is designed to focus in planning, human resources, budgeting, and fundraising. Students with a focus in this area can plan for a career as an executive director, program manager, fundraiser, or grants writer in a nonprofit organization.

Requirements for the Area of Emphasis (24 Credits)

Supporting Courses, (6 credits)


  • PU EN AF 215: Introduction to Public Administration (3 credits)

Choose one of these:

Upper-Level Courses, (18 credits)

Required five courses. Ask advisor for additional course options.

  • PU EN AF 315: Public and Non-Profit Management (3 credits)
  • PU EN AF 415: Public and Nonprofit Budgeting (3 credits)
  • PU EN AF 425: Fundraising and Marketing for Nonprofits (3 credits)
  • PU EN AF 428: Public and Nonprofit Program Evaluation (3 credits)

Choose one of these:

  • PU EN AF 344: Leadership in Organizations (3 credits)
  • PU EN AF 426: Strategic Philanthropy: Civic Engagement through Giving (3 credits)
  • PU EN AF 430: Seminar in Ethics and Public Action (3 credits)
  • PU EN AF 452: Planning Theory and Methods (3 credits)
  • PU EN AF 453: Cost Benefit Analysis (3 credits)