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Area of Emphasis: Self-Directed

What is the “Area of Emphasis?”

The Area of Emphasis serves as the main focus of your degree. The Self-Directed Emphasis will provide you with the opportunity to select 12 credits (four courses) of upper-level coursework that is specific to your area of interest. This flexibility will allow you to create the emphasis that is specifically tailored to your needs or to those of your employer.

How would a degree with a Self-Directed Emphasis benefit me?

Even within the same industry, employers can vary widely on their specific needs. This option allows you to create an Emphasis within the Interdisciplinary Studies major that is specific to exactly what you want to do, and allows you to tailor an emphasis that meets the needs of a current or future employer.

Required Courses:

Students selecting this Area of Emphasis work closely with their academic advisor to select the four courses to create an emphasis that meets your needs. These courses can come from all departments and academic disciplines across the University. However, not all courses will be offered in the Adult Degree formats of course delivery. This means that some courses may only be offered in the evening or during the day. Students work with their advisor to determine the best combination of courses that meet their needs that are offered at times that are accessible to the student.

Note that the Self Directed Area of Emphasis does not constitute a “Major” or “Minor” in that field of study. Rather, the major for the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Applied Studies degrees is “Integrative Leadership Studies” and the Area of Emphasis constitutes a focus area within that Major.