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Meet the Staff

Adult Degree Staff

The Adult Degree Program’s staff members are committed to providing you with a student-centered approach in all facets of your college experience, from the time you request information through the time you graduate. In particular, the foundation of our program is built on the strong advising experience you will receive. You will be assigned to an advisor who will work with you to achieve your academic and career goals from the time you enter the program through graduation. We believe that your advising experience will be the best you have ever received! Below you will find a list of the staff members who are a part of the Adult Degree Program. Please contact any one of us with any questions or concerns.


Christina Trombley

Christina Trombley Director, Adult Degree Programs
Cofrin Library CL206G
(920) 465-2641

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Linda Briggs-Dineen

Linda Briggs-Dineen Academic Advisor
Cofrin Library CL206
(920) 465-2741

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Forrest Brooks

Forrest Brooks Academic Advisor/Lecturer
Cofrin Library CL206K
(920) 465-2777

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Annie Flesch

Annie Flesch Academic Advisor
Cofrin Library CL206P
(920) 465-2549

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Patricia Hicks

Pat Hicks Instructional Program Manager
Division of Outreach and Adult Access
Cofrin Library CL206E
(920) 465-2188


Jenny Koroll

Jenny Koroll Admissions Advisor
Cofrin Library CL206E
(920) 465-2038

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Nathan Kraftcheck

Nathan Kraftcheck Instructional Technologist
IS 1010
(920) 465-2880

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Stephanie Murphy

Stephanie Murphy Academic Advisor
Cofrin Library CL206H
(920) 465-2747

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Krista Shaw

Krista Shaw Academic Advisor
Cofrin Library CL206L
(920) 465-2055

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Jill Siegmund

Financial Coordinator
Cofrin Library CL204A
(920) 465-2392

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Arlene Torres

Arlene Torres Admissions/Academic Advisor
Located at MATC & WCTC
(414) 333-2895

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