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UW-Green Bay Office ofAdvancement


Entertainment can add to the atmosphere of any event and should be considered whenever it is appropriate. There are countless options for finding the perfect entertainment within the UW-Green Bay community. Below are some common resources.

  • Student Organization Directory
    Search through the student organizations on campus to find one that may suit your event’s needs. There are many groups in dance, chorus, a cappella, art, etc.
  • Faculty and Student Accomplishments
    Review the department’s website or contact a program chair to ask for ideas for your event. Perhaps a faculty member has published a new book he/she could read from at your event... Or several students have created research posters that share the same theme as your event.
  • Student Musical Performers
    Request a student musical performance through the UWGB Music program

Please always check the UW-Green Bay’s purchasing website to ensure you are following the University’s policies.