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Academic Advising

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When do I register?

    Visit the "When and How Do I Register?" page.
  2. What should I expect if I sign up for an online course?

    Please follow this link.
  3. Is it better to declare my major early?

    The earlier you can declare your major, the sooner you can begin satisfying the requirements for that particular major and taking the courses that will be in your major of interest. All students are required to complete General Education Requirements. Students that declare early, take General Education courses to fill their schedule and take mostly major courses. Keep in mind, some majors require admission or academic requirements (earned credits or GPA) to declare.
  4. How many classes should I average each semester to graduate in four years?

    You will want to average 15 credits each semester.
  5. What are drop-in hours?

    Drop-in hours regularly occur at the beginning of the semester and during registration. You can come to Academic Advising, sign-up and meet with an advisor (no appointment needed).
  6. How do I register?

    You register from anywhere with SIS access. Visit the "When and How do I register?" page.
  7. What is a prerequisite and how does it impact my eligibility for enrollment?

    A prerequisite is any course that is required BEFORE the enrollment of another course. For example, Math 101 (Intermediate Algebra) is the prerequisite for Math 104 (Elementary Functions of Algebra and Trigonometry).
  8. What happens if a course closes? Can I waitlist?

    Always have a backup course available for registration. Keep in mind you can waitlist courses through SIS. Whether or not you get enrolled is based upon the size of the class and your position on the waitlist. For example, you have a better chance to come off the waitlist if you are position 3 with a class size of 150 versus position 3 in a class of 30. Remember the waitlist is fully automated. All you need to do is add yourself and keep an eye on your “My Class Schedule” link in SIS.
  9. What is the Interdisciplinary Studies or Nursing prerequisite?

    Students that attempt to enroll in these courses need to be admitted to the Adult Degree Program or Nursing. Most of the class section numbers are either 1200 or 1800 as viewed in the Schedule of Classes or are offered online and on Saturdays.
  10. What is the difference between “P” and “REC” in the prerequisite for a course?

    The P means prerequisite. The “REC” means the department recommends you take a particular course before registering.
  11. When is the drop/add deadline?

    They are preset for every particular semester, see the academic calendar.
  12. What does “DR” mean on my transcript?

    Simply means “Drop”. A DR is recorded if you drop a course after the first drop deadline in September or February. See the academic calendar for details.
  13. How is registration assigned?

    Based upon earned credit. The more credits you have, the earlier you register.