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After Thoughts A speaker series featuring women at UW-Green Bay

What's Love (and Sex) Got to Do with It? Women, Men, and College Success

What's Love (and Sex) Got to Do with It? Women, Men, and College Success, Denise Bartell , 04/09/13, Register Online

Join Prof. Bartell as she explores the impact of romantic experiences on college success for young adults. Using data from her own research on Wisconsin college students, as well as national studies, she’ll try to answer questions such as:

  • What is “hooking up?” Is it bad for young women? What about young men?
  • Do romantic relationships prevent full engagement in the college experience?
  • What does the typical college student know about healthy romantic relationships? What do they just think they know?
  • Why are so many students getting pregnant while in college?
The evening will close with a discussion of what we can, or should, do to help college students be successful in college and in their relationship experiences.

Follow-up Coverage

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Date: Tuesday, April 9
Time: 5 p.m. hors d’oeuvres reception
6 p.m. program
Location: Weidner Center Grand Foyer
Cost: $13

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Featured Speaker

Photo: Denise Bartell
Denise Bartell, UW-Green Bay Professor of Human Development and Psychology

Prof. Bartell's research focuses on mate selection and the development of romantic relationships.

See Prof. Bartell's faculty profile