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After Thoughts A speaker series featuring women at UW-Green Bay

Past events

2015-16 Season

Apr. 5 - Sarah Meredith Livingston, Music
Women Who Dare!

Mar. 1 - Caroline Boswell, History
Ye Olde Pub: A Social and Cultural History of England’s Early Drinking Houses

Nov. 3 - Heidi Sherman, History and Alison Gates, Fiber Arts
The Flax Project

Oct. 6 - T. Heather Herdman
Integrative Healthcare: What’s the Whole Holistic Thing, Anyway?

2014-15 Season

Oct. 6 - Ellen Rosewall
Future of the Arts: Is the Green Bay Symphony the canary in the coal mine?

Nov. 6, 2014 - Mary Ellen Gillespie
Lean In: 28/346

Mar. 3, 2015 - Lora Warner
Brown County Quality of Life

Apr. 7, 2015 - Kristy Aoki
International Students in the U.S.

2013-14 Season

Oct. 1 - Cheryl Grosso
Inspiration, Influence, and Interpretation: The Musical Experience of Composer and Performer

Nov. 5 - Kate Green
The Performing Arts: What Really Goes on Behind the Curtain

March 4 - Cristina Ortiz
Hall of Fame Habits: Bridging the Gap from Frustrated to Fit and Free

April 1 - Jane Birr
Hall of Fame Habits: Bridging the Gap from Frustrated to Fit and Free

2012-13 Season

Oct 1 - Rebecca Meacham
Fiction’s Burning Questions: Novelists, History and the Creative Spark

Nov 13 - Jeanne Stangel
The Green Bay Way:The Impact of National Recognition in Collegiate Sports at UW-Green Bay

March 5 - Heidi Fencl
The Universe Falls UP?! Dark Energy and the Accelerating Expansion of Everything

April 9 - Denise Bartell
What's Love (and Sex) Got to Do with It? Women, Men, and College Success

2011-12 Season

Sept. 20 - Kim Nielsen
Jane Addams and the Challenge of a Living Democracy

Nov. 1 - Susan Frost
The Lust to Shop: From Romanticism to Modernism in a Shoebox

Mar. 13 - Laura Hollingsworth
Leading through Transformative Change: Lessons from the Media Trenches

Apr. 10 - Laura Riddle
Cabaret: Berlin to Broadway

Inaugural Spring, 2011

March 1 - Amy Wolf
The Beauty of the Bees and Their Impact on Our Lives

April 5 - Lucy Arendt
In the Face of Disaster, How Resilient is Our Community?

Questions or comments...

For any questions or comments regarding After Thoughts, please contact Mary Rass at or (920) 465-2553.