AIC Mission

The American Intercultural Center provides services and activities that promote the academic success, personal growth and development of multicultural students. The Center also conducts educational programs that enhance learning, promote respect and appreciation for racial and ethnic diversity. The AIC supports the academic mission of UW-Green Bay and contributes to the development of a campus community dedicated to diversity of thought and experience.

Through its programs, services, resources, activities and collaborative efforts, the AIC seeks to:

  • Provide academic, social and cultural support to help multicultural students achieve their educational goals.
  • Orient new multicultural students to the culture of the institution.
  • Promote and deepen student's understanding of their own cultural heritage and identity.
  • Educate the university community about diverse cultures, cultural differences and the rich contributions of other cultures to the campus community.
  • Provide training in leadership and other skills for multicultural students and for those seeking to assist them.
  • Provide a forum in which issues of diversity, identity, prejudicial attitudes and behaviors and cross-cultural communication can be broadly addressed in the campus community.
  • Enrich the educational experience of all students, and model how to live in a multicultural world.

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