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American Intercultural Center

Student Orgs

All of the organizations that call the American Intercultural Center "home" offer opportunities to affirm and share your own culture, learn about other cultures, gain leadership skills that can be developed through co-curricular activities, and get involved in the campus at-large in the context of a supportive environment.

Black Student Union (BSU)

BSU promotes and sustains Black culture at UWGB and within the community. BSU’s intentions are to welcome students of all ethnic backgrounds to develop and promote programs that educate others about Black culture and experience. BSU also serve as a support system for those who self-identify as Black and/or African-American.

Intertribal Student Council (ISC)

Intertribal Student Council members meet weekly. Typically, the group has members representing a variety of Native nations. The group’s mission is to educate the UW-Green Bay Campus and community about Indigenous culture, issues affecting Indigenous populations, and developing leadership. They strive to engage Indigenous people in all stages of life; while maintaining seven generations teachings.

Organizacion Latino Americana (OLA)

Organización Latino Americana is especially dedicated to serving students who are of Hispanic origin or who are majoring or minoring in Spanish. Events include dance and musical performances, lectures, art exhibits, and special programs in observance of holidays such as Cinco de Mayo.

Southeast Asian Student Union (SASU)

The purpose for the Southeast Asian Student Union is to promote diversity among the campus and community. SASU is here to educate others about the Southeast Asian culture and to engage the campus with diverse activities and events.

Women of Color (WOC)

Women of Color is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for women of color at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. WOC exists to provide support academically, socially, spiritually, culturally, and serve as positive role models to the campus and the surrounding community. WOC hope to bring a greater awareness about issues affecting women of color and empowerment to all women.

South Asian Student Alliance (SASA)

The South Asian Student Alliance of UW-Green Bay is dedicated to promoting cultural unity and awareness in the college community and among its members, in addition to the Green Bay community. The countries of South Asia are: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. The initiatives are to educate the UW-Green Bay of South Asian culture and heritage through educational, social, and charity events, to encourage students to learn, experience many South Asian cultures.

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