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Curriculum Vitae - Cynthia Shepard


Initial Superintendent’s License - 2001

Lewis and Clark College - Portland, OR


Administrative License - 1998

Lewis and Clark College - Portland, OR


Handicapped Learner I Certificate - 1996


Certificate for Teachers of Exceptional Children - 1993

Learning and Behavior Disorders - Murray, KY

Murray State University


Ryan Resource Specialist Certificate - 1989

University of California, Irvine - Irvine, CA


Administrative Services Credential - 1988

University of California, Irvine - Irvine, CA


Ryan Special Education Credential - 1983

University of California, Irvine - Irvine, CA



Multiple Subjects Credential, Elementary Educationsp - 1983

University of California, Irvine - Irvine, CA



Adult Education Credential, Multiple Subjects - 1980

Pacific Grove Adult School - Pacific Grove, CA


M.A., Psychology - 1980

Immaculate Heart College - Los Angeles, CA


B.A., Psychology - 1978

California State University, Fullerton - Fullerton, CA


A.A., Psychology - 1976

Fullerton College - Fullerton, CA



Professional Expertise:

·         Administration of education and special education programs including: fiscal management, personnel supervision,
program coordination, technical assistance, outreach

·         Development of higher education curriculum in Early Childhood Education and Special Education

·         Teaching graduate and undergraduate level courses in special education and administration

·         Supervision of teachers, student teachers, practicum students, and  interns in special education

·         Development, implementation and evaluation of collaborative programs in special education

·         Inter-district liaison for collaborative special education programs

·         Consultation/collaboration with staff

·         Professional development, staff development services

·         Parent and community education

·         Research and development in critical issues in special education

·         Teaching individuals with exceptional needs (K-12)

·         Teaching primary (multiple subjects), secondary (language arts)

·         Parent/student guidance

·         Assessment and diagnosis of exceptional students

·         Interpretation of eligibility

·         Application of legal aspects of special education

·         Individual education plan development and implementation

·         Special education program planning


Professional Experience:


2001 to present - University of Wisconsin Green Bay - Green Bay, WI

              Associate of the Chancellor,

              Instructor, School of Education/ Theatre Arts


1995 to 2001 - Umatilla-Morrow Education Service District - Pendleton, OR

                   Director, Developmental Services Program


Blue Mountain Community College - Pendleton, OR

                   Instructor, Human Service Program


Eastern Oregon University - La Grande, OR

                   Instructor, School of Education, MTE Program


1994 to 1995 - Murray State University - Murray, KY

                   Instructor, School of Special Education


1992 to 1995 - Murray Middle School - Murray, KY

                   Resource Specialist, Learning Handicapped 4-8


1992 - Corona-Norco School District - Corona-Norco, CA

                   Resource Specialist, Home Teacher


1989 to 1991 - Rolling Hills Elementary School - Fullerton, CA

                   Resource Specialist, Learning Handicapped K-6


University of California, Irvine - Irvine, CA

                   Instructor, School of Special Education


1983 to 1989 - McPherson Middle School - Orange, CA

                   Resource Specialist, Learning Handicapped 7-9

                                Department Chairperson


Orange Unified School District - Orange, CA

                   Diagnostician, Special Education Diagnostic Team


Jordan Elementary School - Orange, CA

                   Special Day Class Instructor


1980 to 1982 - Pacific Grove Adult School - Pacific Grove, CA

                   Coordinator/Adult Education Instruction

                                Special Education Division and English as a Second Language


1976 to 1980 - Golden Hills Elementary - Fullerton, CA


                                Arts in Residence Program


Muckenthaler Cultural Center - Fullerton, CA



1971t o 1976 - San Bernardino County Schools - San Bernardino, CA

                   Teaching Assistant

                                Special Education Department


Clinical Experience:


1978 to 1980          Ingleside Mental Health Center, Rosemead, CA

                                Beverlywood Residential Treatment Center, Los Angeles, CA

                                Hillsides Home for Children, Pasadena, CA


Related Professional Experience:


      Oregon Small Schools Association Summer Institute Presentation, 2001

                                    Working with Children with Disabilities in the Regular Classroom


      Early Childhood Education Steering and Advisory Committee, 1999-2001

                                    Blue Mountain Community College             


      Caring Community Connections for Children Committee, 1999-2001

                                    Commission on Children and Families


      Head Start, Oregon Child Development Coalition, Tribal Head Start Health Advisory Committees, 1996-2001


      Oregon Conference Presentation, University of Oregon, 1999

                    Meeting the Needs of Multi-Cultural Students in Regular and Special Education Setting


      Oregon Association of Central Office Administrators Conference Committee, COSA, 1998-2000


      Committee for Assessment, Kentucky Department of Education, 1996

      Professional Development In-service, Calloway County Schools, 1995

      Collaboration in the Regular Classroom, Theory and Practice

      Mini-Grant Recipient, Murray Independent Schools, 1995

      Professional Development In-service, Murray Independent District, 1995

                                    Teaching the Student with Special Needs in the Regular Classroom: Strategies for Efficacy


      Parent/Community Presentation, Murray Independent District, 1994-1995

                                    Positive Parent Practices—Preparing Your Child for Learning in the Regular Class


      Professional Development In-service, Murray Independent District Tutoring Program, 1994

                                    Tutoring Strategies for Helping the Exceptional Child

      Parent/Community Educational Presentation, Kentucky S.P.I.N.

                                    (Special Parent Involvement Network), 1995

                                    Understanding the I.E.P.—a Parent’s Perspective


      Parent/Community Presentation, P.U.N.C.H. (Parents Understanding the Needs of Children with Handicaps), 1994-1995

                                    I.E.P. Development…Parents Need to Know

                                    Integrated Arts in Special Education


      Professional Development In-service, Murray Independent District, 1994

                                    Collaboration in the Regular Classroom

                                    Behavior Management Strategies and Techniques


      Parent/Community Presentation, Kentucky S.P.I.N., 1994

                                    Strategies for Special Students—How Can Parents Help?


      Professional Development In-service, Murray Independent District, 1993-1994

                                    Understanding the Collaborative Model for Special Education


      Professional Development In-service, Kentucky Council for Exceptional Children, 1993-1994

                                    The Collaborative Model in Special Education


      Teacher of the Year Award, 1991

                                    Rolling Hills Elementary School, Fullerton, CA


      Professional Development In-service, Fullerton Elementary School District, 1989-1990

                                    Power Writing and the Language Arts Connection

                                    Understanding Learning Disabilities


      Parent/Community Presentation, Fullerton Elementary School District, 1990

                                    Understanding Your Child’s Learning Disabilities


      Professional Development In-service, Orange Unified School District, 1985-1989

                                    Potpourri of Strategies for Exceptional Learners

                                    Let’s Talk—Communication Strategies in the Classroom

                                    An Experience in Special Education

                                    Movement Messages—What Kid’s Bodies Say to Others

                                    Special Education Strategies for Regular Educators

                                    Structuring Success

                                    Core Curriculum for Special Education

                                    Writing an I.E.P.


                                Presentation, Guest Instructor

                                    California State University, Fullerton, CA, 1980, 1988-1989

                                    University of California, Irvine, CA, 1984, 1986, 1988-1991

                                    Fullerton College, Fullerton, CA, 1976, 1980, 1983

                                    Loyola Marymount University, 1983

                                    Monterey Peninsula College, 1981


       Grant Proposal for Preschool Special Education Pilot Program, Orange Unified School District, 1987


      CTIP Grand Recipient, Special Education Reading Program, Orange Unified School District, 1986


      Research and Development, Orange Unified School District Special Study, 1986-1987


      Revision Assistant, Orange Unified School District Local Plan, 1985-1986



                Published Manuscripts

                Friedrich, C. (1980) Body Attitude:  Concepts for the Movement Therapist

                Friedrich, C. (1979) Lillian:  A case study, American Dance Therapy Association Newsletter


Community Service:

UWGB Phuture Phoenix Program,  Founder and Director

UWGB Capital Campaign Committee

Phi Kappa Phi President, UWGB Chapter 2004-2006

United Way, Children and Families Impact Council

Scholarships Inc. , Executive Board

St. Mary’s Hospital,  A Woman’s Place Advisory Board

ASPIRO,  Board of Directors;  Children and Families Committee

Doty School,  Volunteer  Reading Instructor


Dance Experience:


1957-1967 - Cleveland Ballet Theatre, OH

1972-1978 - Fullerton College, CA

California State University, Fullerton CA

Los Angeles Ballet, CA



1967 - Cleveland Ballet Theatre, OH

1994, West Kentucky Ballet, KY




1969-1980 - Muckenthaler Cultural Center, Fullerton, CA

1976-1980 - Golden Opportunity Program, CA

           Fullerton Public Schools

1980-1983 - Monterey Dance Workshop, Monterey, CA

           Owner, Director

1984-1988 - Girls Gym, Laguna Beach, CA

1992-1995 - West Kentucky Ballet Company, Murray, KY

1995-2001 - Academy of Ballet, Pendleton OR

2001-Present - Green Bay School of Dance, WI


"Connecting learning to life"