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Applied Leadership for Teaching & LearningPhoenix Rising

Degree Requirements

The requirements for the Master of Science in Applied Leadership for Teaching and Learning consist of successfully completing a 21-credit core requirement and a nine-credit area of emphasis.

Students must maintain at least a B average to remain in the program and to graduate. A grade of C or better is required for course work to be counted toward graduation.

Students must file a Graduate Program Plan before completing eight graduate credits in the program.  An adviser must be consulted before the plan is filed.

Core Requirement, 21 credits

A 21-credit set of core courses form the foundation for the degree.

Each individual in the program is required to complete a thesis related to an educational, school, or classroom based line of inquiry. Participants engage in activities relevant to the development, interpretation, and dissemination of their thesis research under the direct guidance of a graduate faculty adviser. In addition to the required faculty, professionals from outside the University may also serve on thesis committees.

Area of Emphasis, 9 credits

Each student selects an area of emphasis consisting of at least nine graduate credits. These credits maybe completed at UW-Green Bay or at another institution or setting. It may be possible to establish a personal area of emphasis fitted to the career interests of the student. Such programs must conform to Applied Leadership guidelines and be filed as a Program Plan approved by the student’s academic adviser, program chair, and the associate dean for graduate studies and research.


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