Alumni are our best recruiters.

As alumni, we are UW-Green Bay’s best recruiters because we have walked the tunnels, slept in the residence halls, learned from faculty and made great friendships. Your alma mater has set a very aggressive goal to increase enrollment from 7,000 to 10,000 in the next five years. UWGB must grow to be able to withstand budget cuts and the competitive nature of higher education. If you are interested in helping recruit students to UW-Green Bay by visiting high school classrooms, here’s a guide to help.

Steps to returning to high school to recruit for UW-Green Bay:

Sign up to be a recruiter

  • Once you’ve signed up to be a recruiter, Kari Moody will contact you to provide you with some Admissions materials to bring along on your classroom visit.
  • If the teacher will allow you to conduct a brief survey of the students after your presentation, Kari Moody will also provide you with a giveaway item to entice the students to participate.

Recruit for UWGB

Contact your local school

  • If you have a favorite teacher who is still teaching at the school you plan to visit, reach out to him/her directly and ask if he/she would be willing to have you back in their classroom or would connect you to a teacher who would be interested.
  • If you do not have any contacts within the school, contact the district office and ask to speak with a guidance counselor. The guidance counselor should put you in touch with the appropriate teacher(s).
  • Once you are in contact with the correct person, ask if you might be able to speak in a career readiness class or a class that prepares students for college.
  • If the teacher is open to having you speak, set a date to speak or follow up to learn next steps (i.e. you may have to go through a background check before entering a school, etc.).

Day of your visit

  • On the day of your classroom visit, wear UW-Green Bay gear and bring the information you were provided about UW-Green Bay. If the teacher will allow it, give each student this information before you leave.
  • In regards to your speaking points, speak to the students about your career path, specifically talking about how UWGB helped get you where you are today.  Tell them about how you came to choose UW-Green Bay and why that decision was important in helping you in your career.
  • Answer any questions the students may have.
  • If the teacher will allow, complete the survey and draw for the giveaway item.
  • Share the survey responses, any photos from the day and your feedback with Kari Moody at

Please contact Director of Alumni Relations Kari Moody at 920-465-2226 or if you have any questions.