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UW-Green Bay Alumni on LinkedIn

LinkedInFind UW-Green Bay Alumni on, a business networking site with 25 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries.

About LinkedIn

Who you know is power in the career world. With a free LinkedIn membership you'll create a professional profile summarizing your employment history and accomplishments. This profile will allow you to find and be found by former and current clients, colleagues, business partners, and fellow alumni. Once found, you can invite the acquaintances you trust into your professional connections, building a bank of contacts. Your network is composed of your connections, your connections' connections, and their connections. It gets big fast. This is a powerful resource for employment searches and hiring.

UW-Green Bay Alumni LinkedIn Group

We've established a UW-Green Bay Alumni LinkedIn Group on LinkedIn as a tool for alums. The benefits of group membership include showing your group affiliation on your profile, being a part of a smaller closed network inside the large open-network, engaging in professional discussions with other members, and supplementing your professional network base with UW-Green Bay alums.

Note that even though you're a member of the group, connecting with group members is not automatic. Members should be connecting with known and trusted individuals. Introductions can be used to send an invitation to connect to a fellow group member. LinkedIn acts as the intermediary through the introduction process.